Challenge Quest will train your staff to do daily inspections, setup equipment, prepare participants and operate the elements of your challenge course.  This can be at your site or one of the training centers that we work with.

Consortium Membership

Challenge Quest works with Challenge Quest Design to provide training and inspection services at a reduced price.  Training is generally held in the Tulsa, OK area in the spring and fall.

Facilitated Experiences

Challenge Quest also sends trained facilitators to your venue to help with your own events when you don't have enough staff or will send an entire team.

Course Management

Challenge Quest manages four challenge courses where we work directly with clients developing tailor-made programming.  Call us to have a program at any of these courses.

Call Us

Our manager Amanda Bierma can be reached at (918) 973-2427 or

Challenge Quest Design

Our sister-company - Challenge Quest Design inspects, designs, builds and equips ropes and challenge courses as well as suspension bridges.  Please call them direct at 417-991-9017.